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We are NOT Estate Agents 

ASTs are a thing of the past

Are you tired of the traditional single lettings where sometimes the costs can outweigh the profits as well as more potential liability for the landlord?
Serviced Accommodation model can achieve a higher return on your investment typically 30-40% returns above the AST model.

We will fully manage your portfolio, hands off for you and hand on for us, our service includes:
- Fully managed
- Professional Photography
- Reliable, high quality occupancies
- High level of property maintenance and management
- Covid proof model


Maintain control of your property

Control your assets as and when you need to, maintaining exclusive possession and rights on your property, eliminating the risk of nonpaying tenants

Step 1

Property Appraisal - consultation

DN|T's  innovative business model has a proven method of increasing returns by managing each apartment through a blend of extended corporate stays, mid term residential stays and the occasional vacation rental. This unique model revenue blend enables us to maximise the revenue of a property, including:


- Seasonal market optimisation
- Monthly finance report
- Dedicated revenue manager
- Real-time price optimisation software

Step 3

Property optimisation 

Step 4

Staging and Photography

Step 5

Revenue management

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